Interaction Branding [ EN | DE ]

  • Corporate Behavior: deals with the way a company operates, acts and behaves.
  • Corporate Communication: describes the comprehensive company communication (advertising, PR, etc.) both inside and outside.
  • Corporate Design: deals with the visual part of corporate identity (CI). The goal is a visually uniform appearance of the company.
  • Corporate Identity / CI: represents the totality of the characteristics of a company.
  • Feedback: is a (visual, auditive, etc.) feedback to an action, activity, or condition.
  • HCI / MCI (Human Computer Interaction): is a discipline that deals with the planning, evaluation and implementation of interactive computer systems for human use and the investigation of its phenomena.
  • Immersion: is the process of immersing yourself in an activity or action where the actual work processes and the environment are no longer perceived.
  • Interaction Branding: is a branding tool for interactive media. It makes use of the interaction and its effect to make the character and value of brands directly tangible.
  • Interactive Branding: is a development process for websites and other interactive applications that incorporate the aspects of corporate design and brand strategy.
  • Interaction: refers to the mutual interaction of actors or systems.
  • Interactive media: means synchronous and asynchronous technical communication means which can be used non-linearly.
  • Interface: is an interface between user and software. The interface allows the user to give instructions to the software and the software to reflect the state of the system
  • Joy of Use: is the key to a set of criteria that software should meet to make use of it as an enjoyable experience.
  • Communication design: encompasses the entire design of visual content in different media, which communicate something through their presentation.
  • Multimedia: is an epitome for the convergence of different content forms and works (text, graphics, audio and video) in digital form in an intercultural context.
  • Corporate identity: see Corporate Identity
  • Usability / usability: means the suitability of a product or application when used by users in a given context to reach the defined goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.
  • Widgets: is an application that is displayed on the graphical user interface. Usually it is a small stand-alone application with windows, which can take over a function or display.